A leading research publication office with strong reputation for excellence in research publication services in support to the dissemination of high-quality and internationally recognized research output.



     Provide a comprehensive platform for scientific research dissemination, while ensuring the highest standards of quality through support and guidance throughout the publication process, and promoting interdisciplinary collaboration and knowledge exchange among researchers worldwide.


  1. Promote high-quality scientific publications that meet academic standards and beyond for the advancement of knowledge in various fields.
  2. Uphold the integrity of scientific publications by ensuring that they are accurate and reliable.
  3. Build partnerships with leading academic publishers to expand the reach of scientific publications and increase their impact.
  4. Leverage technology and innovative approaches to improve the dissemination and accessibility of scientific publications.
  5. Improve the visibility and reputation of the university through quality scientific publications.
  6. Support researchers throughout the publication process by providing guidance, from initial manuscript submission to final publication.
  7. Hone the skills of the faculty, staff, and students in scientific publications by providing training and professional development opportunities.


  1. To offer training and workshops on effective writing, editing, and publishing skills for researchers.
  2. To guide and support researchers in selecting appropriate journals, complying with journal standards, and handling peer review feedback.
  3. To provide financial assistance for publications of research articles.
  4. To manage and maintain a database of research publications and related metrics.
  5. To develop and implement strategies for increasing the dissemination and impact of research publications, such as open access, social media, and media outreach.
  6. To provide equal opportunities for potential researchers through incentives, privileges, and recognitions.
  7. To establish and strengthen partnerships with publishers, editors, reviewers, and other stakeholders in the research publication ecosystem.