The Office of Research and Development Services envisions to be an avenue of social transformations and technological innovations towards sustainable development.


The ORDS is committed to transform its service area into economically progressive, socially stable, and ecologically sound communities through its high quality and relevant research programs and projects.

  • Strengthen research and creative activity of NIPSC’s researchers to support instruction, technologies and extension programs; and
  • Intensify commercialization and transfer of developed technologies.

  1. Enhance instruction through original contribution in specialized discipline thereby encouraging students to become themselves creative, innovative and productivity individuals.
  2. Develop and generate technologies, which can be transformed into livelihood opportunities for the purpose of improving the socio-economic condition of the people in the service area of NIPSC.
  3. Support and enhance both instruction and extension program of institution.
  4. Establish and implement RDS policies and guidelines.
  5. Acquire patent for developed technologies.
  6. Increase number of faculty and staff engaged in research and development.
  7. Enhance research and development facilities to meet minimum standards.
  8. Disseminate research results, matured technology and other research information.
  9. Strengthen linkages with government and non – government agencies, LGUs and foreign funding organization for resource generation
  10. Develop monitoring and evaluation mechanisms for research programs, projects and activities.