The Knowledge Management Innovation Technology Transfer initiative, dedicated to assisting Northern Iloilo State University, fosters and advocates improved approaches to patenting inventions, utility models, copyrights, utilizing trademarks, and transforming patented research into commercial ventures for the University's and local communities' advantage.


The KMITT's unwavering dedication lies in facilitating stakeholder involvement in research and development, safeguarding and accelerating the utilization of valuable intellectual property and IP assets. By doing so, it aims to generate a beneficial societal, economic, technical, and environmental impact for Northern Iloilo State University and its network of regions.


The members of the University collaborate on collaborative projects and research studies aimed at creating and sharing high-quality outcomes in the fields of science, technology, and engineering education. These focus areas include the modernization and mechanization of agricultural and fisheries processes, the enhancement of small-to-medium-sized enterprises, the sustainability of environmental quality, and efficiency. Through these efforts, NISU KMITT  aspires to make a significant contribution to the development of skilled manpower and technologies required for the emerging knowledge-based economy in the Philippines

  • Conducting fundamental and applied research in key areas of science and technology to generate novel knowledge, products, and processes.
  • Evaluating the needs of higher education institutions to adapt to changing organizational dynamics and evolving job and skill requirements.
  • Examining the impact of policies, procedures, norms, and innovations within the science and technology sectors and higher education institutions.
  • Conducting research aimed at enhancing the growth drivers of the science and technology sectors and higher education institutions.