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NISU honors students' academic, leadership, and service excellence through recognition program



Northern Iloilo State University (NISU) Main Campus recognized student’s exemplary performance both academics and co-curricular activities through 3rd University Recognition Program at the NISU Gymnasium on June 18, 2024.
In the numbers, a total of 1,131 dean’s listers coming from the eight colleges, 156 Latin honors, 55 academic distinctions, 37 leadership awardees, and 40 service excellence awardees were acknowledged in the distribution of medals and certificates.
University President, Dr. Bobby Gerardo in his message during the program, he commended the efforts of all teachers in shaping the minds of learners and preparing them for future endeavors.
Also, Dr. Gerado urges awardees and the NISU community that this event must be a driving force to continue being an icon of hope for development.
Moreover, according to this year’s recognition speaker, Engr. Tommy Espinosa Uy highlighted in his speech the importance of hardwork, consistency, and benchmarking of being a good leader.
“In the field of work, the common denominator between a top student and a manager is hardwork. Benchmarking entails investing in your own potentials. Furthermore, consistency inspirits us to consistently bestow our best. Remember, it's easy to become number 1, but it's hard to remain number," Engr. Uy said.
Further, Mr. Dave Andonaque, coming from the Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education (BSED) major in Social Studies, delivered this year’s valedictory address, where he integrated some concepts in social studies into summarizing lessons and experiences in college.
“Just as Ferdinand Magellan embarked on his historic voyage, we too embarked on a journey of exploration and discovery when we first stepped foot onto this campus. Just as the soldiers of the Bataan Death March drew strength from their comrades in arms, so too have we drawn strength from our fellow classmates and friends in times of need. Moreover, college has taught us the importance of unity and solidarity. Just as our nation achieved independence through collective action and cooperation," Andonaque said.
The annual recognition program focused on the culmination of student’s perseverance in their academic obligation and active participation in university-related activities.